To be happy in business you must get out of your comfort zone.A good thing to do everyday is to get to know people who have same mindsets, goals, that are similar to yours.Even when the person is so much different from you.The world is much more  interesting when you can share different ideas & points  of views.Be open to different opportunities but make sure that you keep your goals in mind,at all times.Just as the athletes do when participating in a world-class event,the  Olympic for example.Focus see the goals already realized.Will be amazed  at the result you get.Be yourself is a good guaranty to get  closer to people you want to be part of.Emulate those you like but still keep your true values.People  like that ,even if you are not perfect.Those around your sphere will like that from you.When writing  a post,take the time to formulate what you want to convey at your customers..Circle yourself with leaders,positive vibes will help, in branding yourself apart from others.Rather put great content,free advice ,gifts ( know the person has put their heart into his ,her business),instead of a mechanical way to do things(spinners).In the long  run it will hurt you.The customers are not dumb.Give them value, great content.Even if it’s not perfect they will come back.Be yourself,dream big ,serve others.To your success. .—-Jean—-


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