Had assignment   to  do today,it gave me an idea for this blog.Kind of nice to remember memories from a long time ago.Readers  join me and try to get the picture.Try to be with me.Use your imagination.Before I get lost into my thoughts,just want to tell you how special this really feels.When I write ,words comes as waves washing from the sea.Always loved the sea.Right now am listening to some great music.Can picture in my mind how she looks,sings.The music makes me feel very happy.Kind of a romantic,been always that way. Will be,till the day I get to kick the bucket.A long time ago when I was so young,full of zest for new things,I can remember clearly my summers in Old Orchard.At that time the beach was like a desert island.Use to run along the seashore.Was so very happy.To me the sea,the sun, sand deserted beach & beautiful girls were all that I could ever want.Going to sleep at night,hearing the waves….The sun warms our young body’s.The wind the sun,the frigid waters.When  near the sea the air  taste salty.To swim in the sea playing  games with the waves.What a feeling.Was so happy and free.We would walks for hours on the beach.Want to know what freedom & joy  was? We had it all.By the way I was with my cousin .She was so cute.So it was very happy times.Even today we remember these times and we have a laugh.So for me it was a special time that I like to remember.What were your memories from a long time ago?Even today I love the sea ,everything that has to do with it, I love.If i had  a dream to fulfill now ,it would be near the sea,a cozy beach house.With an amazing woman by my side to dance ,look at the stars,sunset ,sunrises.A life bountiful full of magic,happiness and so much love.This dream in time will be mine.Yes it will come to be..Please be happy with me.Wish me an amazing journey to the center of my dreams.To your success. —-Jean—-


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