Have A Good Laugh Everyday

The difference between a happier person and someone who it not is quite obvious.People who can laugh often are in better shape than others.In medical studies, it has been proven that patients who laugh get better faster ,than those who hardly laugh.Laughter releases endorphins .It is like when you fall in love or you had a good workout with your lover.Did you guessed what I meant?.So surely a smile came to brighten your face.Or you had  a good laugh.When a person is happy it comes trough.People are drawn by positive & the creative  energies that comes with it.Business,passion,pleasure,good vibes,smiles are  a must if you want to flourish.If  everyday  you make it a ritual to have at least a moment  of pleasure ,then you will see a difference.The good thing about it, is that you will feel so good .Do it often,soon it will come to you naturally .Today please have a good laugh,think of a situation or a person you love & smile.To your success.   —-Jean—–





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