What IsGoing ON?

For a few days now,the Empower-network was shut down due to a high traffic demand.The server crashed.Now it is back,so all is well.They were not ready for this.The founders of the company wanted to be back only when the servers were ready to handle such mass amount of traffic.They had to hire programmers who worked round the clock,to get things  rolling again.So what is  the buzz about this new company.David Wood,& his partner wanted the average people who never manage to make money online ,to do well.Most of the co.give you between 10 and 40 percent commission on their products.Empower gives 100 percent commission all the time.You get paid as early as today if someone comes under you.No need of a huge amount of money to start.So it is a big advantage for most of us.The lesson here is to persevere,persevere than blog everyday about Empower or about any subjects you feel can serve the community.Me my passion is internet marketing ,so I talk about my experiences doing that.What is your passion?If you want to know more about the Empower Network,be my guess.To your success.–Jean—   http://www.empowernetwork.com/almostasecret.php?id=Jean Drouin


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