In internet marketing our focus should be first to add value to ourselves.What do I mean by that?How can I get the trust from anybody  if  I am not willing to add more value to myself.A good sales man,woman must know his product.So become  familiar with what you want to offer your prospect.In attracting marketing it is the norm to add value,then give your client the best experience.Over time ,and then only then, you get the trust  & respect.To be pushy does not help here.Present your prospect with what you have to offer.Then let him decide.There is plenty of opportunities out there.Focus on your strategies that you will use to market.It does not matter the niches you are in.Try to be the best in one or to.But be the best,in the ones  that you chose.Focus ,it may take  some time but you will get there.To your success. Jean  Have added a link if  you want to check it out .


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