One of mine favorite subject.Why?Love is all around us ,all day long,every moment we are living.Look  at a mother with her children.See the true face of underlying devotion in her actions,deeds toward them,at all times How wonderful.Now lets take a look at lovers.They have eyes only for each other.Love is like the wind.It caress your face.Not seeing it,but you can still feel it.The power of love can move mountains.Look at nature ,all the lovely scenes your eyes catch.If, when you deal with people you love ,even strangers,feel its power.Please pass it on.Not complicated.Be like the sun,give serve,give a smile to someone you do not know.When in your business ,keep in mind that love is a winning combination for you and your future customers.Today i was given a gift(big one) by someone who does not know me very well but he did it with his heart He touched me .Do the same to all you encounter,in business or pleasure. See  what it does.Pass it on,pass it on.To your success.  —-Jean—-


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