Earth Day 22 April 2011

At the end of the day no matter what happen to us,everything is relative.For Mother Earth,it is not so relative.The urgency of her cries tell us to act and fast.Global warming is a fact.Not fiction no more.Facts speak for themselves.All over the World nature is telling us to watch for signs.Weather all over is crazier than ever.In the Arctic the iceberg are melting so fast.Ozone layer,Flash floods…This can go on and on.What about future generation,what will they get?A dying planet that took millions of years of evolution to let down in only the past century.How awful we should all feel. In the name of capitalist and profit we are destroying our home…Last night as i watched a documentary about the Gas industry,i had to shut it up.Was so mad.All over the USA this industry has destroyed much of the land and the people ways.People are getting sick..Toxic fumes …Poison drinking water… When will the madness of men stop?Since 1970 Earth Day been there to inform ,educate the masses about changes going on around them all the time.If everyone can make our part,even baby steps.Better than doing nothing than complaining but not changing.Please everyone on this day think of Mother Earth,be thankful,listen to her warnings.Peace, light love Always.


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